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Would your child like to learn to read this Fall?


      Bridge to Reading online software helps children go from “ready to read” to beginning reader.  Easy, fun and exciting, your child will be really reading.  Help your child make the jump from filling out workbooks to reading real books.  Children interact with letters and words as they read an animated fairy tale adventure.  From the first screen, the student is reading a story. 

     All seven chapters are now available online:

just CLICK here to start playing

     In Bridge to Reading the student is reading words in an actual story.  It is much easier for the child to learn when the child can see what they are learning.  It is clear to the student how much they are learning, and they enjoy their increasing mastery.  Combining sight, sound and animation with the interactivity of the student moving the letters and words into their correct places, Bridge to Reading makes learning more fun for all types of learners. With Bridge to Reading, you can be a cheerleader for your child's success, instead of a taskmaster.

     It is important that your child learn to read; it is also important that your child enjoy learning to read, so that they will want to continue reading.  The best way to learn to read, or to become a better reader, is to read.  Once your child can read, they can read about planets,  dinosaurs,  medieval knights, ponies or jungles and tigers.

     Interactivity is important because it puts the student in the center of his own learning. He works at his own pace, he is instantly rewarded when he gets the right answer, and he never “learns” his mistakes (as can happen with workbooks) because mistakes disappear immediately and he can change to the right answer.  Words learned with meaning are remembered, while words learned by rote memory are often only in short term memory and then quickly forgotten.

     In In Bridge to Reading, children learn 101 of the most common words in the English language.  These are the common words found in almost all sentences, requiring instantaneous recognition in order to understand the rest of the sentence.  (77 of these are Dolch service words; many of which cannot be "sounded out", such as "of", "are" and "off".  19  are very common nouns or adjectives).

     Is your child not yet ready to learn to read?  You might be surprised.  Or, if not, click here for fun, interactive pre-reading activities—assembling the letters of the alphabet from lines and circles, matching letters to their sounds, blending sounds in a word, etc.)

     NOTE:  All 7 chapters are online—just click to start.

     What should your child do after finishing Bridge to Reading?  Read.  Read early reader books, read signs, read labels, read ....everything. 

     Help children learn to read with our free interactive games and software.  Learning to read is the single most important part of your child’s education.
     Learning to read starts with learning the letters of the alphabet:

Color Letters—Become familiar with the ABCs

Learn Letters—Learn to make the shapes of the letters of the alphabet in an interactive game

     Once the child is familiar with the alphabet, learning to Read then requires knowing the sounds represented by the letters:

Letter Sounds—Learn the sounds of the alphabet:
     Letter Sounds—Consonants
     Letter Sounds—Long Vowels
     Letter Sounds—Short Vowels

     Letter Sounds—Blends; How letters combine to make sounds in words
     Letter Sounds—“S” Blends

     Next the child puts letters into words and words into sentences in a fairy tale adventure story.

Bridge to Reading—Learn to read 100 of the most common words




Bridge to Reading


Letter Sounds:

Letter Sounds


Blends 2


Vowels 2


Color Letters


Learn Letters





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Learn to Read by Reading with:


Bridge to Reading

"When learning to read is fun, children read"

Beginning reading

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