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 Shields, Knights and Heraldry

    Free software for students to make their own shields (coats of arms). Learn about the Middle Ages, feudalism, knights and chivalry while making a coat of arms.

      Shields, Knights and Heraldry is free software for kids to make their own shields (coats of arms). The associated page on making an authentic medieval shield discusses the origins and functions of coats of arms, and their relationship to the culture of the Middle Ages. The software includes dozens of traditional medieval designs to use on shields and the rules of heraldry and emblazonry.  Fun, educational hands-on learning.


Make your own Coat of Arms online, no downloading, no installation, PC or Mac:


Shields, Knights and Heraldry Online

We have an information page on Making an Authentic Medieval Shield:

Go to Make an Authentic Medieval Shield Page

The basics of blazonry; pictures of shields and how they are properly described:

Read Roger the Herald's Notes on Blazonry for Beginners


Free software to make a coat of arms or shield

Make your own coat of arms

Play an on-line game about Heraldry and medieval life.


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    You can still download the original version of Shields, Knights and Heraldry free educational software:

     Shields, Knights and Heraldry download requires PC running Windows 7 or Vista 32-bit), XP, 3.1, 95, Me or 98 and a printer.  Vista or XP will need a computer administrator user account.  A limited user account cannot install software.

Free!  Download  Shields, Knights and Heraldry (285k)

Or go to the Directions for Downloading, Installing and Running Shields, Knights and Heraldry and download from there:

Go To Directions


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